Automated and reproducible processes

The new Hei-Control Software enables you to:

  • Define and safe individual process parameters
  • Save and readout process cycles
  • Program ramps and save ramp profiles
  • Set a countdown or a timer
  • Control up to four devices simultaneously

* Compatible with MR Hei-End, MR Hei-Connect and Hei-TORQUE Precision devices


Hei-AR App

Discover our bench top rotary evaporator Hei-VAP Core and large-scale rotary evaporator Hei-VAP Industrial directly in your laboratory. Using modern augmented reality technology on your smartphone or tablet, the devices will be placed virtually into the room. You can find the marker for the application on the back of our current brochures or you can download it below.


In addition to the 3D models of our devices, you will get detailed information on individual product features, images of the devices and videos about the functions by exploring all the hotspots.

To stop the app, simply close it via the menu of your smartphone.



Download Android App without Play Store here.
Download the marker here.



Heidolph offers with the Hei-Lab App an app that supports researchers in laboratories, universities and schools with helpful tools. A simple and intuitive user-interface allows fast access to information true to the Heidolph motto „Research made easy“.


  • Molar mass calculator
  • Boiling point calculator
  • Periodic table of elements
  • Globally harmonized system list
  • List of danger symbols
  • Multi-timer
  • Warranty registration of Heidolph devices
  • Callback service
  • List of worldwide Distributors


Download Android App without Play Store here.